Construction and Renovations

East and Pollock Halls

The University will begin a multi-year project to renovate existing residence halls in East and Pollock Halls. ---- Phase 1: Work begins in East Halls spring of 2016, and will consist of the construction of a new residence hall - Earle Hall, which will be available for occupancy fall 2017. Three current residence halls will go offline - Stuart Hall in December 2016, and McKean and Pennypacker Halls in May 2017. Renovation work will take a little over a year to complete, with all three buildings coming online for occupancy in the fall 2018. --- Construction for a second new building was approved by the Board of Trustees in February 2017. Construction will be begin March 2017, and the building will be available for occupancy fall 2019. --- Phase 2: additional buildings in East will go offline for renovation work. Additional information and building order will be announced at a future date. --- Features of the project include installation of air conditioning and private bathrooms, improved student social and service spaces, and movable student room furniture. Buildings will feature knowledge stations for a collaborative work environment, study spaces, group project rooms, a living room, kitchen, laundry room on the ground floor, and either a quiet room or music practice room (with sound-proof walls). Some buildings will feature a quiet room with a foot-washing station room nearby.

North Halls

A new residence hall - Robinson Hall - was approved for construction in North Halls. Construction began in the spring of 2016, and the expected completion date is fall 2017. The new building will provide 310 beds, mostly in double rooms, and private bathrooms and air conditioning.