Future First-Year Students

Information For: prospective Penn State students, who have accepted the Offer of Admission to Penn State University Park. 

First-year students are required to live on campus at University Park. The Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract is offered when the student accepts the Offer of Admission to Penn State. The student will accept both the Offer of Admission and HFS Contarct by accessing MyPennState, following the prompts, and paying the non-refundable admission fees and housing deposit. The student will agree to the HFS Contract Terms, Conditions, and Regulations

First-year students are required to live on campus per the following timeline:

Semester Admitted Residency Requirement
Summer Session Summer session, Fall semester, Spring semester
Fall Semester Fall semester, Spring semester
Spring Semester Spring semester (optional HFS Contract offer for following academic year available)

HFS Contract Preferences

After the offer of admission and HFS Contract are accepted, the HFS Contract will then be created in the eLiving system, where the student can indicate preferences such as housing area, roommate, Special Living Option, and Campus Meal Plan level by May 15. Room assignments are processed in date order of when students accept the offer of admission. Therefore, the earlier the offer of admission is accepted, the better chance the student has of having a room assignment based on housing preferences. The University cannot guarantee that HFS Contract preferences will be honored.

Note: if a student is attending both summer and fall-spring semesters, the student will have two separate HFS Contracts and can indicate preferences each HFS Contract. For a limited time at the beginning of summer session, summer session students can submit fall roommate preferences.

Roommate Request Process

To learn how to request a roommate, see the Roommate Request Process.

Supplemental Housing

Students who accept the offer of admission after April 1 may not receive indicated preferences and will have a greater chance of being assigned to a supplemental housing room – a reduced rate residence hall room that houses four or more people – rather than to a regular double room. Learn more about supplemental housing at www.supplemental.psu.edu.

Requesting an Exemption from First Year Housing

All first-year students are required to live on campus during the first year. However, there are a few valid reasons for students to request an exemption to this policy. Learn more about Housing Exemptions.

Housing Accommodations for Medical Needs

Penn State provides a climate of equal opportunity to all programs, activities, and services, and is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Penn State is committed to providing accessible housing to students with disabilities as defined by these laws. Review the medical accommodations process and the associated deadlines for submitting paperwork.

Room Assignments

Summer session room assignments will be posted two weeks prior to arrival. Fall semester room assignments will be posted by late July. Assignments are posted on eLiving, and notification is sent to students when assignments are available to view. 

Room and Board Charges

Room and Board charges for each semester that a student has an accepted HFS Contract will be posted to the student's Bursar account. If there is a change to a student's room assignment that has a different room rate, the charge/credit will be applied to the student's account based on a prorated amount.