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Founded in 1855, The Pennsylvania State University includes 24 campuses throughout the state, with a total enrollment of 95,800 students. University Park is the largest Penn State campus, situated in the heart of Pennsylvania and home to about 44,000 undergraduate students. Penn State’s 17 colleges offer students a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 

Penn State University Park students know there’s something special about this campus—whether it’s the chimes ringing out from the bell tower of Old Main, the excitement of game day, or the simple pleasure of grabbing an ice cream cone from the nationally renowned Berkey Creamery. The amount of activities, clubs, organizations, research activity, and events provides an opportunity for every student to be involved. 

Living on campus is another tradition that marks the first-year experience of so many Penn State students. With space for over 14,500 students to live on campus, it is estimated that the University has housed almost 800,000 students since construction of the first residence hall. To assist students with the transition to the collegiate experience, University Park has a first-year residency requirement - all first-year students are guaranteed a housing space! All students interested in living on campus after the first-year residency requirement can Request Housing and will be accommodated on campus. 

Penn State also offers the living on campus experience at several Commonwealth Campuses throughout Pennsylvania.

WE ARE excited to have you join Penn State and #LiveTheTradition!