two female students in residence hall room, one sitting on a bed and one on a desk chair

Benefits of Campus Living

Living on campus at University Park is an important part of the Penn State experience. It's a tradition! First-year students attending Penn State University Park are required to live on campus, and a housing space is guaranteed in University housing.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of living on campus:

  • Great friends. You'll have a fellow first-year student as a roommate, of course, but there will also be many other first-year students in your building to hang out with. Several of our residence halls are reserved exclusively for first-year students! Students tell us that it's easy to make friends in the residence halls than if they were living off campus.
  • Better grades. We've found that first-year students who live on campus get better grades—especially those enrolled in a Special Living Option related to their major. (Learn more about our Special Living Options.)
  • Great location. First-year students are housed throughout campus in East, PollockNorth, South, and West Housing Areas, which are all conveniently located near classroom buildings and dining facilities.
  • Supportive staff. Your Resident Assistant (RA) will be available to answer any questions you might have as you get settled in at Penn State.
  • Lots to do. Residence Life sponsors many activities in and around the residence hall areas. The fun starts as soon as you arrive on campus for Welcome Week.
  • Housing options. Interested in living on campus after your first-year? On-campus students can Request Housing during the established timeline - all students who Request Housing will receive an invitation to select a housing option! Housing options include Nittany Hall suites, North Housing suites, single rooms in traditional residence halls, double rooms in traditional residence halls, double rooms in renovated residence halls, Eastview Terrace, Nittany Apartments, White Course Apartments, and supplemental housing.
  • Student-friendly Housing and Food Service Contract. Student living in University housing will accept a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract only for entire academic year, and will be obligated to the HFS Contract only for the semester(s) or session(s) you'll be enrolled as a student—not a year-long lease, which is typical in off-campus housing. There's no need to worry about subletting your room. And if you plan to graduate a semester early, study abroad, or participate in an internship elsewhere, the remainder of the HFS Contract can be cancelled without penalty. There are no additional fees with the HFS Contract--the room rate includes everything.


What’s in your room? Your on-campus residence has everything you need to get started.

University housing facilities are coed -- either on the floor (both genders are assigned to a section of the floor and each gender has a designated restroom on the floor) or by floor (one gender is assigned to the floor, with genders varying by floor. There is one restroom per floor). However, individual rooms, suites, and apartments are single gender. Housing options are able to meet the needs of students interested in gender neutral housing.

Housing services

On-campus living is fun and convenient. Lots of services and features are included with your room or apartment.