Commons Desk

Notice: due to limited staffing, Commons Desks may NOT be open 24hrs/day, and hours will be posted at each desk.

On-campus residents enjoy the convenience of having mail and packages delivered to their housing area commons desk - thousands of packages and mail are delivered every month! The Commons Desks also manages all students room keys and temporary ID cards.

Each housing area has a Commons Desk that is generally open 24 hours a day*, seven days a week, during the regular academic year. There may be overnight shifts where a Common Desk may close, but staff are accessible through a phone number that is posted. The Commons Desks are closed during University closedown periods. Watch a video to learn what the Commons Desks are all about!

Housing Area Commons Desk
East Findlay Commons
Pollock Pollock Commons
North Warnock Commons
West Waring Commons
South Redifer Commons
Eastview Terrace Redifer Commons
Nittany Hall and Apartments Pollock Commons
White Course Apartments Weston Community Center*
Nittany Lion Inn NLI Front Desk

*Weston Community Center has limited hours of operation.

View contact information (email/phone numbers) for the Commons Desk operations.

Services Provided

  • U.S. mail delivery and package delivery (including Penn State Bakery and flower deliveries). Learn more about Mail Services
  • Room assignment check-in/checkout
  • Room key pick-up/return
  • Loaner room key. Students who keep a key after the 2-hour window will be charged for a core change
  • Temporary id+ card
  • Cot rentals (if available)
  • Cleaning supplies checkout
  • Vacuum cleaner checkout
  • Recreational equipment checkout
  • Toolkit checkout
  • Fax machine service
  • Lost and found for commons area
  • Purchase CATA bus tokens
  • General question and answers

Loaner Room Keys and Temporary id+ Cards

Loaner room keys

If a student loses or misplaces his or her room key, a loaner key can be checked out at the commons desk. The loaner key must return it to the commons desk within two hours. If the key is returned late, the door lock will be changed and the student's Bursar account will be billed. The cost is $64 per lock change (some room types, such as those in apartments and suites, have more than one door and will be charged for each lock that needs to be changed). Core changes are processed quickly to ensure the student's safety and security.

Temporary id+ Cards

If a student loses or misplaces his or her Penn State id+ Card, the card can be deactivated immediately online. If the card is located within seven days, the card can then be reactivated online. A temporary id+ card, which is valid for seven days, can be purchased for $3 at the commons desk. Student privileges that will be reassigned to the temporary card include access to the residence hall, Campus Meal Plan, and LionCash+. Other privileges, such as PNC bank account and football tickets, cannot be transferred to temporary cards. If a student cannot locate a missing card, a replacement one can be purchased at the id+ Office at the current replacement fee.

Employment Opportunities

The commons desks offer great opportunities for students looking for part-time employment. More than 200 students work at the on-campus desks. Visit the Work For Us page to find out which positions are available.