Current Students

Current Penn State students who want to #LiveOn for the 2021-2022 academic year will need to participate in the Housing Process, which sends students invitations to view available housing options and then create a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract.


Current Penn State students who are eligible to #LiveOn next year will need to REQUEST HOUSING during the established timeline. The housing process is managed through the eLiving system, which requires a student to authenticate using their Penn State Access Account User ID (e.g., abc1234) and password.

Every student who Requests Housing will receive an invitation to view available housing options and #LiveOn next year! However the University is not able to guarantee that every student will be able to select a specific preferred housing option. This assures that every student has the opportunity to live on campus next year. The housing process also supports Gender Neutral Housing assignments.

Housing Process Steps


Step One: Attend an Information Session

Attend an Webinar to learn more about the process. The Housing Assignment Office will be at the Virtual Housing Fair to answer questions regarding housing options for upper-class students. Students are also encouraged to contact the Housing Assignment Office to learn more about the process.

Not able to attend?  Sorry to hear that! Please view the LiveOn 2021-2022 webinar presentation.


Step Two: Review Housing Options

Upper-class students have many housing options to consider! Review the available housing options and associated room rates to determine which housing option meets your need and fits your budget. Posted room rates are for the current academic year. The room rates for the 2021-2022 academic year will be approved in either in February/March or May by the Board of Trustees; you should assume that there will be a rate increase (a good estimate would be 3-5%).

Upper-class student housing options (roommate requests that can be entered):

  • Double Room, Traditional Residence Halls (1 roommate)
    The majority of students live in regular doubles, with limited quads and triples. Space is located in Pollock (Beaver, Hiester, Wolf), South (Atherton, McElwain, Simmons), and West (Hamilton, Jordan, Thompson, Watts) Housing Areas
  • Double Room, Renovated Residence Halls (1 roommate)
    The majority of students live in regular doubles in South Housing Area (Chace, Hibbs, and Stephens Halls, as well as other limited renovated spaces within South Housing Area)
  • North Hall suites (1-3 roommates)
    2-bedroom/4-person suite with shared bathroom. Limited 2-bedroom/2-person suites are available
  • Nittany Hall suites (1-3 roommates)
    2-bedroom/4-person suite with shared bathroom.
  • Single Room, Traditional Residence Halls (no roommates)
    Single-occupancy rooms located in Pollock, West, and South Housing Areas
  • Eastview Terrace (no roommate)
    Single-occupancy room with private bathroom and air conditioning
  • Nittany Apartments (1-3 roommates) 
    2-bedroom/4-person apartments and 4-bedroom/4-person apartments
  • White Course Apartments (1-3 roommates)
    4-bedroom/4-person apartments
  • Nittany Lion Inn (no roommate)
    single-occupancy room with private bathroom


Step 3: Request Housing 

Eligible students interested in living on campus for the 2021-2022 academic year will need to Request Housing in October, or between December - February.

  • Students who Request Housing in October will be eligible for the November invitation process
  • Students who Request Housing in December, January, and/or February will be eligible for the March invitation process

Invitations are offered on a random basis, not on a first-come, first-served process. The date that a student Requests Housing is not considered when housing invitations are made.

All students who Request Housing will receive an invitation to #LiveOn!

Ineligible students interested in living on campus for the 2021-2022 academic year will be able to add their name to the Overflow Housing Waitlist when it opens at noon December 1. Students on the Waitlist will receive an Overflow Housing HFS Contract offer on Monday afternoons, starting in late-March/early-April. 

Step 4: Review the Housing Invitation

Invitations are sent between noon and 5:00pm on Mondays and Thursdays throughout November and March. Once a student receives an invitation, the student will need to complete the entire process before the invitation expiration date (Monday invitations expire Thursday at noon, Thursday invitations expire Monday at noon). The invitation is not a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract offer, but an opportunity for the student to view available housing options and make the decision to live on campus and create a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract.

1: Select a Housing Option

The invitation will display the available housing options and how many spaces are remaining for each option. If the student has a roommate request, each housing option will indicate the maximum number of roommates that can be added.

2: Add a Roommate Request

After selecting a housing option, the student can add an eligible roommate request. To be eligible, the roommate requested must have Requested Housing and not have already accepted a HFS Contract. The roommate is not required to have received an invitation.

3: Accept HFS Contract Offer

Once the student enters eligible roommate requests, the student will be able to “generate an HFS Contract offer.” The system will create an HFS Contract offer for the student and roommate(s), which will be added to each student’s Shopping Cart in eLiving. Once the HFS Contract offer is available, each student is responsible for individually accepting the HFS Contract offer before the invitation process expiration date. If the HFS Contract offer is not accepted by the expiration date and the offer expires, the offer cannot be remade.



After a student has accepted a HFS Contract, the student may utilize the Housing Option Waitlist to indicate interest in another housing option. Waitlists for the different housing options and Special Living Options will be available at noon December 1, and a student may select one Waitlist to be considered for reassignment. As vacancies occur, students on the Waitlist will be reassigned into that specific housing option.

Students who are not eligible to participate in the housing process can add their name to an Overflow Housing Waitlist, which will open at Noon December 1. Overflow housing is not a specific housing option; based on preferences that a student indicates on the HFS Contract and any Housing Option Waitlist that a student adds their name to, the student will be assigned to a space that is available. All students who accept Overflow Housing will be assigned to a room on campus.

Eligibility Guidelines for University Park

Students who are eligible to participate in the housing process:

  • Eligibility is based on a student's fall or spring semester active HFS Contract.  Those living on campus right now are eligible to Request Housing along with student's who cancelled their fall semester HFS Contract for Remote Learning to live at home.  Students who are new to Penn State or deferred admission to Spring will be eligible to request housing once they have scheduled spring courses during the second Housing Request phase.
  • Every student who Requests Housing will receive an invitation to live on campus, and can select an available housing option.  So if you want to #LiveOn, you will be able to do so!
  • The Request Housing phase will be Oct. 20-31, and then Dec. 1 - Feb. 28; the second Request Housing phase has been extended one month to provide more time for students to feel comfortable with the on-campus living experience. 
  • Invitations will be made in November and March (instead of February).

Students who are not eligible to participate in the housing process:

  • Incoming first-year students
  • Students who currently live off campus at University Park
  • Students who did not Request Housing during the request time
  • Students who were released from the HFS Contract
  • Students transferring from another university

Roommate Requests

A roommate request is not required. If the housing option selected permits a roommate request to be added, and the student wants to indicate a roommate request, the system will verify the student’s eligibility:

  • The roommate request must have Requested Housing
  • The roommate request must not have already accepted a HFS Contract

If the system indicates that a roommate request is “ineligible”, the roommate request will not be added. The student can indicate a different, eligible roommate request. The housing process also supports Gender Neutral Housing, and allows students to indicate a roommate request of a different gender.

Special Living Option members and Sorority Chapters

  • Students who are considering recruitment for a sorority chapter or are a part of certain Special Living Options should review the appropriate housing process for those groups. Please note that some Special Living Options are available to first-year students only, and upper-class students may not return to that living space.