Earle Hall

Earle Hall is a new residence hall that opened for occupancy fall 2017. Earle Hall is located in the northeastern quad of East Housing Area. Earle Hall is an updated version of a traditional residence hall, offering students double occupancy rooms. Unlike traditional residence halls though, Earle Hall offers students individual bathrooms that are shared by the floor. Similar to a home, each bathroom pod is privately used by one individual. Additional sinks are located near the bathrooms to provide quick, easy use. The ground floor of Earle Hall features a living room, kitchen, laundry room, study space, knowledge stations, and a music practice room. The building is coed by room (each room is single gender, but may be next to a room of opposite gender). Student bedrooms feature flexible furniture, which allows the student to arrange the rooms in a number of different ways. Beds are extra-long twin size, and can be lofted to different heights (no need to bring bed risers or a separate bed loft!).

Earle Hall

The current East Buildings are named after Pennsylvania governors.  George Howard Earle III was the 29th Governor of PA (1935 to 1939) and was a big supporter of Penn State. He was instrumental in funding ten building projects on campus that increased the physical plant by 50%. Governor Earle also was a supporter of changing the name from “The Pennsylvania State College” to “The Pennsylvania State University.”

Building and Room Information:

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Earle Hall First Floor Second Floor
  Third Floor Fourth Floor
  Fifth Floor Sixth Floor


Item Length Width Height
Room 15' 0" 12' 2"  
Desk 23.75" 36" 29"
Two-Drawer unit 18.50" 32.50"  
Wardrobe Closet     71"
Window 7' 10"