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Campus Meal Plan: level change deadline

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Campus Meal Plan holders:

The deadline to change your spring Campus Meal Plan is NOON on Friday, April 29. Dining dollars remaining at the end of spring semester are forfeited. No refunds are given for remaining dining dollars! If you have too many, you can decrease your meal plan level and have the amount credited to your Bursar account.

To change your meal plan, login to eLiving. Select "My Meal Plan" from the left-hand navigation, then select "Spring 2016" as the contract period. Review your account information to determine if you can change your meal plan level.

  • If your current balance is more than you need, lower your level (to a minimum of level 1). If you lower your level, the difference in cost between your current and new level will be refunded to your Bursar account and the dining dollars will be withdrawn from your meal plan account.
  • If you run out of dining dollars before the end of the semester, add funds to your LionCash+ account. Once all of your dining dollars have been used, the system will withdraw funds from LionCash+ at the same discounted rate. LionCash+ funds do not expire at the end of the semester. Continue to use your Campus Meal Plan normally when presenting your Penn State id+ Card to the cashier.

Questions? Contact the Assignment Office. 814 865-7501