Housing Reminders for Current Students

HFS Contract preferences

Current students have until noon on April 18 to modify their Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract preferences for fall 2016-spring 2017. For more information, check out the Housing Contract Timeline and Housing Process for current students.

Contract Transfer of Obligation

Current students have until May 31 to process a Contract Transfer of Obligation. Students no longer interested in living on campus are permitted to transfer the obligation of the contract to another eligible student by the deadline.

Beginning June 1, Contract Transfer of Obligations will not be accepted. Instead, students may submit a Housing Contract Release Request. Requests will be reviewed, with no guarantee that a release will be granted. Only extenuating circumstances warrant a release.

Students no longer attending University Park may submit a contract cancelation request through eLiving.

Questions? Please contact the Assignment Office 814 865-7501.