Student room

Moved In? What You Need to Know

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You're moved into your residence hall room, and unpacking has begun. Here are a few things you'll want to know about right away:

Connecting to Wi-Fi
To connect to Penn State's wireless network, first you need to be on campus and have a working PSU Access ID and password. Then you should follow the simple steps at

A word about routers
You may use a wired router as a personal router, but it's important that you don't use your own wireless device due to interface with Penn State's wireless network. Using Penn State's wireless network decreases the risk of identity theft or computer hacking, and it improves wireless reliability and speed for everyone. ResCom can help set up a wired device by simply bring the computer and router to a ResCom helpdesk.

Cable TV
Housing provides digital on-campus cable TV service that includes an extensive channel lineup. At least one cable TV connection can be found in each residence hall room-- you need your own standard coaxial cable to connect to the wall jack.

Make sure you check out Channel 2, which broadcasts announcements about Housing and Food Services and Residence Life.

For information about cable TV services, a complete channel listing, and to make sure your TV is compatible, visit

FixIt - easy maintenance requests
Window won't open? Ceiling bulb burned out? Room too hot or cold? You can submit a maintenance request at and can select a time that's acceptable for maintenance to enter the room. Housing will respond within 24 hours to confirm an appointment. Emergency requests should be directed to the Housing Office immediately.

Items available to borrow at commons desks
If your room needs some cleanup after unpacking, you can borrow cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner from the commons desk. We also have a toolkit! Later, when it's time for some fun, recreational equipment such as volleyballs or basketballs can be signed out.

After unpacking, there's no need to dump empty boxes and plastic bags into the trash. Recycling centers are located in every building. You can compost food waste and recycle just about anything else, including glass, metals, plastic, cardboard, paper. If you have questions about recycling a specific item, they can email or Tweet @sustainPSU.