Earle Hall Beam Signing

Students Gather to Sign Beam for New East Halls Residence

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

East Halls, Penn State's largest residential complex, is in the midst of a facelift. The multi-year project began in January with the renovation of Findlay Commons. This fall, a new residence building, Earle Hall, is undergoing construction and expected to be open for occupancy by fall 2017. According to Penn State Housing and Food Services, the new building will have air conditioning, private bathrooms, improved student social and service spaces, and movable student room furniture.

Students were invited to Findlay Commons on Wednesday, Sept. 28 to sign two construction beams that will be installed in Earle Hall. The event was planned in collaboration with the Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS), Clayco Construction, Residence Life, and Housing.

"It's a way to connect current students with future projects and engage them in the construction process," explained Director of Housing Operations Conal Carr, who described the signing event as a success. "By signing the beam, students get to be part of the project and when the building is remodeled or replaced in 50 years their names will be revealed."

The signing felt like a celebration, with design posters of Earle Hall on display and cookies from the Penn State Bakery. One feeling was unanimous amongst the hundreds of students who attended: the sense of Penn State pride.

"It's crazy; I'm so new here and I can still be a part of history," said first-year student Tory Cugini.

A second signing event is set to take place this week on Wednesday, Oct. 5 from 6 to7:30 p.m. in Warnock Commons for beams that will be placed in a new North Halls residence.