US Mail

US Mail Alert

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Penn State is aware that some students may not be receiving USPS mail, or have received mail that has been tampered with. A Federal Investigation was recently opened by the Inspector General to determine the issue related to missing/tampered mail. Penn State is still receiving delivery of mail, although some items may not have been delivered to Penn State at all, and some items received have been tampered with prior to mail being delivered to the University. Unfortunately, this issue is affecting residents both on and off campus and may not be limited to the State College area. As with any type of active investigation, Penn State is not able to provide updates about the investigation (especially since the investigation is being conducted by an outside entity). 


If your student is missing mail, or has received mail that has been tampered with, we are requesting that the student submit a claim for by calling the Inspector General at 888-USPSOIG, or going online to submit a claim at

With the situation being at the level of the Federal Government, it is not required to contact the Commons Desk operation to submit a claim.

Thank you for your continued support, we are also anxious to resolve these issues.