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Campus Meal Plan change deadline

Monday, December 9, 2019

The end of fall semester is fast approaching, and also means that it's time to review your Campus Meal Plan level and determine which action is appropriate for you!

High Balance of Dining Dollars - change meal plan level

Students with a fall 2019 Campus Meal Plan and a high balance of dining dollars can decrease the level, provided there is enough funds to cover a level difference. The cost difference between the levels will be processed to the student's LionPATH account.

High Balance of Dining Dollars - refund excess dining dollars

Students who have a level 2 or 3 and a high balance of dining dollars but not enough to decrease to a lower level may be eligible to receive a refund for a portion of the excess funds. Students who are eligible will see the option appear in eLiving. All refunds will be processed to the student's LionPATH account.

Low Balance of Dining Dollars

Students who run out of dining dollars should add funds to LionCash+ rather than increase the meal plan level. Once a student's account has been depleted of dining dollars, the register system will transfer the purchase amount from LionCash+ to meal plan account and offer the same discounted meal plan rate for the purchase!  LionCash+ funds do not expire at the end of the semester. **Be sure to indicate Campus Meal Plan when presenting your Penn State id+ Card to the cashier. Only Campus Meal Plan members using LionCash+ for payment are eligible to receive the meal plan discount.

How to Make a Meal Plan Change

Changes to the Campus Meal Plan are managed through eLiving under the "My Info" icon, "My Meal Plan" section. Select "fall 2019" - the system will display what options are available based on the student's current meal plan and balance. The option to refund excess dining dollars may not be displayed for all students.

Students who are not returning to Penn State for spring semester will forfeit all remaining dining dollars left at the end of fall semester.

Turn The Table Event

Students with excess dining dollars have the opportunity to donate some of those funds to the Student Emergency Fund, a program that provides short-term financial assistance to students experiencing crisis situations. You can donate $5, $10, or $15. Visit the dining commons on Thursday December 12, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. to donate funds.

Spring 2020 Meal Plan

All students living on campus (except for Nittany and White Course Apartments) are required to purchase a spring 2020 Campus Meal Plan. Any remaining dining dollars at the end of fall semester will be transferred to the spring semester meal plan, provided you have a spring Campus Meal Plan. At the end of spring semester, any remaining dining dollars will be forfeited. The spring 2020 Campus Meal Plan level can be modified now through Noon Friday May 8. 

For additional details about the Campus Meal Plan, visit https://foodservices.psu.edu/campus-meal-plan.