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Housing Process: Invitations

Monday, November 4, 2019

The first Request Housing phase closed at Noon October what come's next if you entered a request?


Beginning Thursday November 7, students who Requested Housing will begin to receive an Invitation to review available housing options and then can select one, invite roommate(s) if desired, then create & accept a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract. Invitations are randomly sent to a pool of students; invitations will be made on Thursdays and Mondays in November - the number of students who Requested Housing is divided up between the number of days available, so that there is an optimal amount of students in the system at any given time to provide a better system experience.


  • offered to random pool of students
  • made on Thursdays & Mondays in November
  • made between noon - 5:00 p.m.
  • invitation notification is sent to student's Penn State email or text message (if student opted in)
  • invitations EXPIRE noon:
    • Thursday invitations expire Noon Monday
    • Monday invitations expire Noon Thursday
  • invitations cannot be re-sent
  • if a student receives an invitation, but is no longer interested in living on campus, no further action is required - let invitation expire

Available Housing Options

All Housing options will be displayed, and will indicate number of available spaces by gender. Once all of the allocated space has been selected by students, the housing option will still appear on the menu, but will not be able to be selected. Don't see the option you want? Just use the Housing Options Waitlist process!

  • Double Room, Traditional Residence Halls (1 roommate)
    The majority of students live in regular doubles, with limited quads and triples. Space is located in Pollock, West, and South Housing Areas.
  • Double Room, Renovated Residence Halls (1 roommate)
    The majority of students live in regular doubles in Chace, Hibbs, and Stephens Halls, as well as other limited renovated spaces within South Housing Area.
  • North Hall suites (1-3 roommates)
    2-bedroom/4-person suite with shared bathroom. Limited 2-bedroom/2-person suites are available.
  • Nittany Hall suites (1-3 roommates)
    2-bedroom/4-person suite with shared bathroom.
  • Single Room, Traditional Residence Halls (no roommates)
    Single-occupancy rooms located in Pollock, West, and South Housing Areas.
  • Eastview Terrace (no roommate)
    Single-occupancy room with private bathroom and air conditioning
  • Nittany Apartments (1-3 roommates) 
    2-bedroom/4-person apartments and 4-bedroom/4-person apartments
  • White Course Apartments (1-3 roommates)
    4-bedroom/4-person apartments
  • Supplemental housing (1-3 requested roommates, rooms accommodate between 4-8 students)
    Students who accept this type of HFS Contract will be assigned to supplemental housing and will be moved to another housing option as vacancies become available.
  • Supplemental housing by request (1-3 requested roommates, rooms accommodate between 4-8 students)
    Students who accept this type of HFS Contract will automatically be assigned to permanent supplemental housing and will not be moved.


After selecting a housing option, the student can add an eligible roommate request - up to the maximum permitted for the specific housing option (some options to not permit a roommate). To be eligible, the roommate requested must have Requested Housing and not have already accepted a HFS Contract. The roommate is not required to have received an invitation - by adding a roommate to your selection, you will be creating a HFS Contract offer for yourself AND your roommate(s).

  • roommate(s) can be any gender
  • roommate(s) must have Requested Housing and not accepted a HFS Contract already
  • roommate(s) must accept the HFS Contract offer before the deadline
  • if a roommate does not accept the HFS Contract offer, there is no impact on the original student's HFS Contract (the HFS Contract will not be re-offered once it expires, and the HFS Contract will not be canceled because a roommate did not accept the offer)
  • Roommates are not required! Students can modify a roommate preference on the HFS Contract until Noon April 3.

Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract

Once a student selects a housing option and enters eligible roommate requests (if applicable - not required!), the student will be able to “generate a HFS Contract offer.” The system will create a HFS Contract offer for the student and roommate(s), which will be added to each student’s Shopping Cart in eLiving. Once the HFS Contract offer is available, each student is responsible for individually accepting the HFS Contract offer before the invitation process expiration date. If the HFS Contract offer is not accepted by the expiration date and the offer expires, the offer cannot be remade.

Housing Options Waitlist

After a student has accepted a HFS Contract, the student may utilize the Housing Option Waitlist in eLiving to indicate interest in another housing option. Waitlists for the different housing options and Special Living Options will be available at noon December 1, and a student may select one Waitlist to be considered for reassignment. As vacancies occur, students on the Waitlist will be reassigned into that specific housing option. Vacancies will become available throughout the spring and summer as students confirm their fall semester plans. This is a great way for students to be reassigned to their preferred housing option if it's not available to select during the invitation process, or if they want to be assigned with a roommate.