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Live On Campus next year!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Along with weather changes and mid-terms, the housing question "where are you living next year?" is on many students' minds. To assist students through the maze of options, The Housing Assignment Office and the Office of Off-Campus Student Support are collaborating to host housing information sessions. Information sessions will cover important decision factors to help students determine whether on- or off-campus housing is a better fit, as well as review the on-campus housing process and timeline, and provide an overview of the off-campus housing market, resources, and tips for securing a lease. Sessions are on Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13 - visit to view the schedule. The housing presentation is also available to preview!

Interested in living on campus?

All eligible students who Request Housing will be invited to live on campus! Students must Request Housing between Noon Tuesday October 1 - Noon Thursday October 31 to be eligible to receive an invitation in November (invitations will be sent Mondays and Thursdays, starting November 7). Invitations are sent to a random number of students on each offer date, the process is not based on when a student Requests Housing. The invitation will allow a student to view available housing options, invite an eligible roommate, and create a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract.

Additional information about the housing process is available at

Panhellenic Sorority Chapter Recruitment

Students considering participating in Panhellenic Recruitment and interested in living on campus should also Request Housing in October. When the student receives an invitation, the student should then select a housing option and accept a HFS Contract. In the spring semester, if the student is invited to live in sorority chapter housing, the HFS Contract will be updated to the sorority chapter. No further action required! Additional information, including the housing presentation, is available at

Special Living Options

Students who are currently a member of a Special Living Option (SLO) that offers upper-class housing should Request Housing in October. The Housing Chair for the SLO will review students' eligibility to live in the SLO next year; those students who are eligible and Request Housing will receive an HFS Contract offer for the SLO on Monday November 7. Additional information is available at

Text Message Notifications

Students can opt in to receive Text Message Notifications for the housing process! Text message notifications can be sent to U.S. cell phone numbers for the following actions:

  • invited to review available Housing options
  • offered a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract, when a friend adds you as a roommate

Cell phone numbers are managed through LionPATH. If the cell phone number displayed in eLiving is incorrect, the cell phone number can be updated in LionPATH in the "My Information" | "Personal Information" section. Please allow 24-48 hours before eLiving is updated. To opt in to receive text message notifications, log on to eLiving, select My Info > Account Settings. Select the notifications to opt in and click Submit. Students will continue to receive email notifications.