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LiveOn 2021-2022

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Request Housing phase is now open in eLiving through October 31 for eligible students!

The regular housing process has a few changes this year, due to the current pandemic situation, read on to learn what has been changed:

  • Eligibility is based on a student's fall or spring semester active HFS Contract. Students eligible include:
    • Students living on campus right now
    • Students who cancelled the fall semester HFS Contract for Remote Learning and living at home
  • Students who will be new to Penn State or deferred admission to spring semester will be eligible to Request Housing after they schedule spring courses
  • Every student who Requests Housing will receive an invitation to live on campus, and can select an available housing option!  So if you want to #LiveOn, you will be able to do so!
  • There are two Request Housing phases: Oct 19 - 31, and Dec 1 - Feb 28; the second Request Housing phase has been extended one month to provide more time for students to feel comfortable with the on-campus living experience.
  • Invitations will be made in November and March (instead of February).

Housing Options Available for 2021-2022

Housing Options will be similar to the current year, all rooms will have no more than two (2) students assigned to the space (so triples and quads will be offered as a double room). Room and board rates will be approved by the Board of Trustees in either February/March or May.

Overview of housing options that will be available:

  • Double Room, Traditional Residence Halls (1 roommate) - double occupancy rooms in buildings located in Pollock (Beaver, Hiester, Wolf), South (Atherton, McElwain, Simmons), and West (Hamilton, Jordan, Thompson, Watts) Housing Areas
  • Double Room, Renovated Residence Halls (1 roommate) - double occupancy rooms in climate-controlled buildings located in South Housing Area (Chace, Hibbs, and Stephens Halls, as well as other limited renovated spaces within South Housing Area)
  • North Hall suites (1-3 roommates) - 2-bedroom/4-person suite with shared bathroom and air conditioning. Limited 2-bedroom/2-person suites are available
  • Nittany Hall suites (1-3 roommates) - 2-bedroom/4-person suite with shared bathroom and air conditioning
  • Single Room, Traditional Residence Halls (no roommates) - single-occupancy rooms in buildings located in Pollock, West, and South Housing Areas
  • Eastview Terrace (no roommate) - single-occupancy room with private bathroom and air conditioning. Some buildings will be offline for Isolation/Quarantine Housing if necessary
  • Nittany Lion Inn (no roommate) - single-occupancy room with private bathroom and air conditioning
  • Nittany Apartments (1-3 roommates) - 2-bedroom/4-person apartments and 4-bedroom/4-person apartments, includes kitchen and air conditioning (Campus Meal Plan optional)
  • White Course Apartments (1-3 roommates) - 4-bedroom/4-person apartments, includes kitchen and air conditioning (Campus Meal Plan optional)


Housing Process Information

Additional details about the Housing Process are available:


Attend a Webinar

Attend a Webinar to learn more about Housing Options and the Housing Process! Registration is required, click on link to complete registration process.