back of vehicle open, showing students personal belongings from residence hall room. Text overlay reads "Move-Out Process"

Move-Out Process

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Info for students who need to retrieve items from University Housing

Students who are not returning to on-campus housing for spring semester and need to retrieve personal belongings should contact the Housing Office in your area of residence for assistance. There will be limited days/times available, and evening hours may not be offered.

Students who are changing room assignments between fall and spring semesters are NOT required to move-out during this period. Students will be able to schedule an Arrival time for February and move rooms at that time.



Move-Out Instructions

When you return to campus:

1. Remove all personal items from the room.

2. Complete check-out Form tasks. A check-out form was delivered to each room. If one is not available, you may stop by the Housing Office in the commons building to pick one up.

  • Remove trash to outside receptacles 
  • Complete and sign the form - leave on desk
  • Lock door

2. Return Room Key 

Please return your room key to the Commons Desk. If your Commons Desk is closed, please return room key to the Findlay Commons Desk in East Halls. Failure to return your room key will result in a $64.00 per core charge.


For Students Who Do Not Need To Return To Campus

If you are still in possession of your room key but do not need to return to campus, please return your room key to the University by Friday January 29 to avoid a core change fee.

Please attach room key to a piece of paper with tape and insert into a padded envelope. Otherwise, the mail sorting machines can catch the envelope, tear it, and the room key may fall out. Room keys can be mailed to the following address:

119 Findlay Commons
Attn: Commons Desk Manager
University Park PA 16802


Additional Information

Please check for key information and updates as more information becomes available.


Updated: January 20, 2021