New furniture selection for renovation projects

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ever wonder why the desks in East Halls are so large, or how a wardrobe type was selected? A lot of thought goes into furniture selection, and it's time that Penn State Housing hears your thoughts! Stop by Findlay Commons to review the different furniture selections. Provide your feedback to help guage which furniture should be selected for the Earle Hall in East, Robinson Hall in North, and the future renovation of East and Pollock buildings. Then you'll be able to explain to your kids why such a small desk was selected!

In all seriousness, student feedback is critical to selecting furniture that will be practical yet spacious, comfortable yet durable, to meet the need of our diverse student population.

Stop by Findlay Commons throughout the week to provide your feedback - easels are setup to mark your opinions. We are excited to have your input!