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Spring Housing Information

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

As students start to prepare for the end of in-person instruction for fall semester, it's also time to start thinking ahead to spring semester housing! The University has announced plans for spring 2021.

Spring 2021 Housing Options

Interested in a different room assignment for spring semester?

Students can update housing and roommate preferences on the spring HFS Contract now through noon Monday November 9. All preferences previously requested have been removed to allow students the opportunity to submit new preferences. For housing options that are not available to indicate as a preference on the HFS Contract, students may also add their name to a Housing Option Waitlist. The following Waitlists are available:

Current first-year students:

  • Single Room, Traditional Residence Hall

Upper-class students:

  • Nittany Apartments (any available space in any apartment)
  • North Hall Suite (2-bedroom/4-person)
  • Nittany Hall Suite (2-bedroom/4-person)
  • White Course Apartment (4-bedroom/4-person)
  • Eastview Terrace (single room with bathroom) - limited availability
  • Nittany Lion Inn (single room with bathroom)
  • Double Room, Traditional Residence Hall
  • Double Room, Renovated Residence Hall

The Housing Assignment Office will process room assignments for spring semester after the Monday November 9 deadline, and will take these situations into consideration:

  • Roommate requests MUST be mutual, meaning both students must indicate each other as a roommate preference on the HFS Contract
  • Roommate requests MUST indicate the same housing area and/or room type preference on the HFS Contract
  • If the housing area and/or room type listed is NOT available for both students, then the roommate pair will be placed in a different housing option that is available

Some housing options are very popular! Not all students who indicate preferences may be assigned to a new room, due to limited availability of certain room types. Students who do not update preferences OR add their name to a Housing Option Waitlist will remain in the same room as fall semester. 

Spring room assignments will be posted in eLiving at noon Tuesday November 17


Spring 2021 HFS Contract Cancellation

For spring semester, HFS Contracts may be cancelled for students who are no longer attending Penn State, or are scheduled for fully remote classes and will be living at their permanent address for spring semester. 

No Longer Attending Penn State? Sorry to hear that! Please follow these steps to cancel the spring HFS Contract:

  • Submit Request Contract Cancellation through eLiving; indicate cancellation reasons (withdrawal, graduation, etc.)
  • The Housing Assignment Office will confirm the cancellation reason; once approved, you will be notified and your spring HFS Contract will be cancelled. No spring room and board charges will be posted to your LionPATH account.
  • Be sure to remove all personal items at the end of fall semester and return your room key to avoid any additional charges.


Remote Learning Class Schedule: Students who have a spring semester course schedule that consists of mixed-mode, remote synchronous, or remote asynchronous instruction classes and will be living at home (permanent address). Please follow these steps to cancel the spring HFS Contract:

  • Complete your spring semester class schedule in LionPATH
  • Submit Request Contract Cancellation through eLiving; indicate cancellation reason "Other" option and type in "Remote Learning and living at home"
  • Deadline to Request Cancellation: Noon Friday December 11
  • Requests approved after December 11 may incur a $500 penalty fee

If your class schedule includes any in-person instruction classes, you will need to provide documentation to the Housing Assignment Office that you are permitted to attend the class remotely while living at home (permanent address).

HFS Contracts will NOT be cancelled for a student to live off campus. 
Due to the residency requirement, first-year students are required to either to live on campus, or at their permanent residence if fully scheduled for remote learning classes.


Approved HFS Contract Cancellations 

Students whose spring HFS Contract is cancelled after the student has left campus and who still has personal items remaining in their room will be able to schedule an appointment between January 4-8 to return to campus and remove all items. If personal items are removed and the room key is returned prior to January 8, the student will not incur any room and board charges. Details on how that process works will be finalized later. 


Spring 2021 Housing Arrival

Details regarding arrival for spring semester are still being finalized and will be published on the Arrival website. Stay tuned for updates!