HFS Contract Releases

The Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract is a legally-binding contract that once accepted, the student cannot cancel to move off campus. As identified in Section 11: Contract Cancellation or Release in the Contract Signing Statements that a student agrees to agrees to when accepting the HFS Contract, the student acknowledges that the HFS Contract may ONLY be cancelled in extenuating circumstances:

  1. Failure to Enroll. The HFS Contract may be cancelled if the student does not attend or enroll at the University during the term of this HFS Contract. If a student withdraws, but then re-enrolls after the HFS Contract is cancelled, the HFS Contract will be reinstated and the student will be obligated to fulfill the terms of the HFS Contract.
  2. Extreme Circumstances. The University may release the student from the HFS Contract if the student submits a timely Contract Release Request and, on a case-by-case basis, the University finds that extreme circumstances warrant a release.
  3. Withdrawal or Academic Drop. If the student is no longer eligible for housing at the University due to voluntary withdrawal from the University or academic drop by the University, the HFS Contract may be cancelled. Once a student has withdrawn, the student must officially check-out of University housing within 24 hours.
  4. Transfer of Obligation. The University may release the student from the HFS Contract if the student is able to successfully transfer the HFS Contract to another eligible student of the same gender in accordance with the procedures and regulations delineated in the TCR. The University is not required to offer the Transfer of Obligation option; if the option is available, the University may impose deadlines for completing Contract Transfer of Obligation: fall semester requests must be processed by the date established by the Assignment Office. Contract Transfer of Obligations are NOT processed for spring semester. 
  5. University-Sanctioned Academic Activity. The University may release the Student from the HFS Contract if the Student submits a timely Contract Cancellation Request based on a University-sanctioned academic activity that will require the student to be away from campus (e. g., practicum, study abroad, internship). The HFS Contract will not be cancelled until such activity is verified on the student's LionPATH account. If a student does not participate in the academic activity but re-enrolls after the HFS Contract is cancelled, the HFS Contract will be reinstated and the student will be obligated to fulfill the terms of the HFS Contract.

Off-Campus Leases

A student will NOT be released from the HFS Contract to move off campus. If a student accepts a lease for an off-campus apartment without receiving confirmation that the request to cancel the HFS Contract has been approved, the student will be liable for room and board charges for the HFS Contract AND the fees associated with the lease. The University is not obligated to cancel the HFS Contract because a student accepted an off-campus housing lease and is making double payments for housing.

Requesting a HFS Contract Release

  1. Non-enrollment, withdrawal, leave of absence, transfer to another PSU campus, transfer to another university, study abroad, internship, graduation:
    Login to eLiving and select the "Request Contract Cancellation" link from the left-hand navigation. Follow prompts to submit request.

    The request will be sent to the Housing Assignment Office; staff will review the request and will respond by email within 1-2 business days with confirmation or denial of request. Action to cancel the HFS Contract may not occur until the student's LionPATH account is updated to reflect the reason (such as intent to graduate, study aboard credits, classes cancelled, etc.).

    If the HFS Contract is cancelled for a student for any of these reasons, but then proceeds to schedule classes during the contract period, the HFS Contract cancellation will be revoked and the HFS Contract will be reinstated. The student will then be obligated to fulfill the HFS Contract and pay room and board for the original term.
  2. Extreme circumstances - financial, marriage, medical/psychological:
    Submit the completed HFS Contract Release Request Form (PDF file) to the Assignment Office, include supporting documentation to substantiate request. Contract Release Requests are reviewed by a University committee, who meets on a regular basis. The Committee will review the request and a representative will respond to the student via email within 7-10* business days with confirmation or denial of request. If a request is granted, the response will indicate the penalty fee associated with the cancellation. 

    *The 7-10 business days is an estimate; during certain times of the year, the response time may be longer due to the volume of requests. The Committee has a set meeting scheduled, and requests to expedite a review will not be honored. 

    The student has the right to submit an appeal to a determination for a HFS Contract Release. The appeal should be submitted to the Housing Assignment Office, and include additional and specific documentation to substantiate request. The appeal will be reviewed by the Director, Ancillary Services, and a response will be sent to the student via email within 7-10 business days.