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Housing and Food Service Contract

Learn more about the Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract:

Break Access/Holiday Housing

The University officially closes during the three official break periods. Learn more about available housing options if you are unable to leave campus during those time periods.

Contract Cancellation Request

Your HFS Contract is legally binding. Learn about how to exempt from the first-year residency requirement or submit a request for a contract cancellation.

Direct Room Exchange

Learn more about the process to find another student interested in exchanging rooms.


Your online portal for your HFS Contract, Campus Meal Plan, and room assignments.

Gender Neutral Housing

Learn more about housing options available for students with gender identity or gender expression concerns.

Housing Lottery Process Timeline

Keep track of the timeline for the housing lottery process for on-campus housing.

How to Get a Contract

Learn more about the process of requesting and receiving a HFS Contract at Penn State.

Immunization Compliance

The University requires all on-campus residents to submit an Immunization Verification Form. All students living in University housing are required to have the meningitis vaccination. 

Make a Payment

The Bursar’s Office handles all payments for your semester bill, including room and board charges.

Medical Accommodations

If you require a housing accommodation due to a disability, we can help. Learn more here.

Partial-Year Contracts

If you are graduating early, or will not be on campus during the spring semester for study aboard, an internship, or another reason, learn more about a partial-year HFS Contract.

Room and Board Rates

Check room and board rates for current and upcoming academic sessions.


Learn about on-campus housing for sororities at Penn State University Park.

Terms, Conditions, and Regulations

Here’s the fine print for your HFS Contract.