Commons Desk

Housing Services

Your new Penn State home has everything you need to start getting comfortable. Living on campus has other benefits as well. While each residence area has special features of its own, you'll find these conveniences and services in each residence halls:

Cleaning Services

Housekeeping staff is available to clean and maintain University housing. To ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment, housekeeping staff perform the following tasks:

  •  Clean and disinfect bathrooms and fixtures.
    • Traditional residence hall bathrooms are cleaned daily
    • North and Nittany Suites are cleaned on a rotating basis
    • Eastview Terrace, Nittany Apartment, and White Course Apartments are to be cleaned by the residents
  •  Surface clean bathrooms.
  •  Clean and disinfect showers.
  •  Remove common area trash and recycling material.
  •  Sweep/vacuum lobby areas and hallways.
  •  Clean lobby areas.
  •  Repair and maintain building system components as needed.
  •  Perform other duties as necessary.

Student Responsibilities

Each student is responsible for the condition of his or her residence hall room, furnishings, and any damages or losses that may occur during occupancy. A student should prevent unnecessary cleaning needs that add to the workload of housekeeping staff. Additional cleaning requirements beyond the normal cleaning schedules results in less time for staff to spend on routine tasks to meet established cleaning standards.

Students are encouraged to keep University housing clean:

  •  Dispose of trash in designated areas, making sure everything goes in—not around—the containers.
  •  Personal trash should not be left in bathroom or lobby receptacles.
  •  Recyclable material should be sorted in the appropriate receptacles.
  •  Clean up messes that you make.
  •  Sweep your room; dust and dirt should be put in the trash can, not in the hallway.
  •  Regularly clean your room.
  •  Food should not be put in the bathroom sinks.

Vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies are available to check out from the commons desk.

Bike Storage

University housing areas offer outdoor bike racks, and some areas provide indoor bike storage space as well. If it's okay with your roommate, you can keep your bike in your room. Bikes are not permitted in lounges, laundries, hallways, bathrooms, or other public areas in the residence halls. Be sure to register your bicycle!

Cable and Internet Access

Your residence hall room is cable ready—you just need to bring your own TV and cable connector. Learn more about TV service. Your room rate includes a multi-station cable service that includes lots of popular channels to choose from. A wired Ethernet connection and wireless accessibity are provided in your room. Residential Computing (ResCom) staff are available to assist students with setting up networks and troubleshooting issues. 

Electronic Card Access System

The electronic card access system is in service 24 hours a day and your Penn State id+ Card is the only way you can enter your own residence hall. University Police and student security patrols provide additional security on campus. 

Laundry Facilities

Each residence hall area is equipped with complete laundry facilities for resident use only. Laundry machines only accept LionCash+ for payment.

Mail Delivery Service

You'll receive campus mail, U.S. mail, and package delivery at your housing area commons desk. For outgoing mail, you drop off your mail at the outgoing mail drop-off box located near the commons desk. Stamps can be purchased at the U.S. Post Office, located within McAllister Building. Packages can also be shipped from this location as well.

Meeting Rooms

University housing areas feature meeting and recreation rooms that residents can reserve. Registered campus student organizations can also reserve these rooms through Residence Life for meetings and social events. 


Stay up to date! Complimentary copies of the New York Times, USA Today, Centre Daily Times, and The Daily Collegian are available for all residents every weekday on campus through the University's Newspaper Readership Program


Each residence area has recycling bins for mixed office paper, newspapers, and containers. Dining commons have compost containers for food scraps and used paper napkins. 

Telephone Service

A courtesy telephone is located on each residence hall floor. You can make phone calls with a long-distance calling card.


Each residence hall has at least one television with cable in a common room. The number of television sets in a residence hall varies according to size and student population. 


Penn State's student-run radio station, The Lion 90.7 FM, features a variety of music programs. 

Student Leadership Opportunities

Interested in taking an active role in your residence hall area government? Check out the Association for Residence Hall Students (ARHS)! ARHS is committed to being the voice of residence hall students.