International Students

International students bring vitality and diversity to our campus community, and we welcome them to Penn State!

Undergraduate Students

First-year students from other countries are required to live on campus at University Park, and will live in EastPollockNorth, and West housing areas; upper-class students may also live in Eastview Terrace, Nittany Apartments and White Course Apartments. All students who live in the residence halls must purchase the Campus Meal Plan.  

All first-year students are required to live on campus. When a first-year student accepts his or her offer of admission to Penn State, he or she is also accepting the Housing and Food Services (HFS) Contract.  After accepting the offer of admission, the student can log into eLiving to indicate HFS Contract preferences, such as housing area, Special Living Options, roommate preference, and Campus Meal Plan level. or housing area. If a student does not log into eLiving or indicate HFS Contract preferences, that does not release the student from the residence requirement.. 

Students who accept their offer of admission to Penn State after April 1 may not receive their preferences and will have a greater chance of being assigned to supplemental housing rather than a regular double room.  

Students interested in requesting an exemption to the first-year residency requirement should learn more about the Housing Exemption process.

Upperclass students who currently live on campus may request housing for subsequent years by following the Housing Process instructions. Students who live off campus and wish to return to on-campus housing for the subsequent year may add their name to the eLiving Waitlist when it opens to be considered for on-campus housing. There is no guarantee that all students interested in living on campus will receive an offer for a Housing Contract.

Transfer students should contact the Assignment Office to inquire about housing availability.

Students with families may apply to submit an application to live in White Course Apartments.

Graduate Students

Single graduate students and students with families are eligible to apply for housing at White Course Apartments. Postdoctoral students are not eligible for on-campus housing. Please refer to the family policy about who is eligible to live in White Course.