female student pulling blue Penn State sweatshirt out of dryer

Laundry Services

Life, not laundry! Students have two options for laundry services.

Laundry Facilities

Each residence hall offers a laundry room with high-efficiency washers and dryers. Nittany Apartments have a laundry room in Nittany Community Center.

Laundry machines only accept LionCash+ for payment (no coins).

Laundry Costs for 2020-2021 academic year
Location Cost
East, Pollock, North
Nittany Hall & Apartments
South (except Atherton Hall)
$1.75/wash cycle
$0.75/dry cycle
Atherton Hall
$2.50/wash & dry cycle
Eastview Terrace
White Course Apartments
cost included in room fee


Tide Wash and Fold Laundry Program

Beginning fall 2019, the University is launching the Tide University Laundry program. Students are able to subscribe to different plan options, depending upon laundry needs. Students can drop off and pick up laundry in Tide Lockers, located in each commons building. Through the My Laundry App, students can manage their account and receive alerts about their laundry status. Additional information about the service is available at http://www.universitylaundry.com/psu.