LIFE House

Living in a Free Environment (LIFE) House

Location: Beaver Hall, Pollock Halls

This SLO was designed to meet the needs of students who wish to live in a substance-free environment. Residents of this SLO complete a Community Living Agreement (below) to articulate their commitment to a substance-free lifestyle. Student leaders and resident assistants (RAs) plan a variety of social activities that complement a substance-free lifestyle--and work together to ensure that the living environment remains free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Living in a Free Environment House Community Living Agreement

The purpose of LIFE House (Living in a Free Environment) is to provide a living/learning environment for students who have chosen not to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Some students have chosen not to use alcohol and other drugs because of religious, family, or lifestyle values. Others have made such a choice because they are recovering from alcohol and other drug abuse, or are adult children of alcoholics or other drug abusers. Whatever the reason may be, LIFE House provides a supportive and caring environment. LIFE House regulations are as follows:

  1. Alcohol and other drugs, including tobacco, will not be possessed, consumed, or used in the House.
  2. House members will not bring or assist others in bringing alcohol and other drugs into the House.
  3. House members will not come into the House in an alcohol or other drug induced state.
  4. All House members’ guests must follow all House regulations and House members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  5. House members must attend all House meetings. Frequent participation in House planned programs is strongly encouraged.
  6. House members must follow all University regulations as outlined in Policies and Rules for Students, as well as Housing regulations as outlined in Terms, Conditions, and Regulations of the Housing and Food Services contract, and other regulations as outlined by the LIFE House Council and Advisory Board.

House members violating student conduct regulations as outlined in Policies and Rules for Students and Terms, Conditions, and Regulations will be subject to the University disciplinary process. In addition, action may be taken by the LIFE House Standards Board.

House members violating LIFE House regulations will be required to meet with the Standards Board of LIFE House. The Standards Board will discuss the violation and determine the appropriate precedent sanction. A wide range of sanctions may be offered based on the severity of the infraction.

I agree to read the LIFE House Constitution, support the philosophy of LIFE House, and abide by all LIFE House regulations.