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Mail Services

All residential students are able to receive U.S. Postal mail and package deliveries while living in University Housing. Items that are delivered locally, such as floral arrangements, perishable items, are received by the Commons Desk as well. Perishable items will be properly stored in a refrigerator. Only mail addressed to the student residing in the room will be released, and mail must be addressed to the student's official University name on file.

How does the package delivery process work?

When a package is delivered to the Commons Desk, the staff will enter the package into eLiving under the student's account, and then place the package on the appropriate building shelving unit. The eLiving system will then generate an email that is sent to the student's Penn State Access Account, confirming that a package has been received. A student must present his or her Penn State id+ Card to pick up packages at the commons desk.

Please be aware that there is a processing delay between when the package is identified as delivered by the shipping agent and when the package is processed by Penn State.

The U.S. Postal Office in McAllister Building (next to the HUB) on campus is available for students to send packages or buy stamps; the Commons Desk is not able to ship packages or sell stamps.

Tips to ensure quick mail delivery:

  • The terms "Penn State" or "The Pennsylvania State University" should NOT be used in the address. This may divert the package to the University's Business Services and not the common desks.
  • The student's official name on file with the University should be used. Mail or packages sent to nicknames, fictitious names, or joke names will be returned to sender.
  • Candy and/or liquids should not be sent in envelopes.
  • Cash should not be sent.
  • Packages should be tracked and insured.
  • Prohibited items per the HFS Contract will not be released and will be returned to sender (for example, air conditioners, alcohol, etc.)
  • Penn State does not utilize street addresses, the room/hall name is the street address. If an online ordering system will not accept the room/hall name as the street address, add a second address line and include the room number as "#100" (this way it looks like an apartment number), where the number you use is the room number you are shipping your items to.

Mailing Address

Residence Halls:

Student's Official Name
Room Number, Residence Hall Name*
University Park PA 16802

*Add the word "Hall" after the residence hall name. If you are having difficulties with a vendor entering this address, enter your Residence Hall name in the 2nd address line.

DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS: 319 N. Burrowes Street, State College PA 16801. Any mail or packages delivered to this address may not be retrievable, this property is not owned by the University.

Nittany Apartment ONLY:

Student's Official Name
600 E Pollock Road
Apt. Number, Nittany Apts.
State College PA 16801

Nittany Apartment mailboxes are located outside of the Nittany Community Center for buildings series 1000, 2000, 4000, and 5000. Mailboxes for building series 3000 are located near the parking lot next to Building 31.
***Nittany Apartment residents must go to the McAllister Building Post Office to pickup a mailbox key.

Missing USPS Mail

If a student believes that he or she is missing mail, or has received mail that has been tampered with, the student should submit a claim for by calling the Inspector General at 888-USPSOIG, or going online to submit a claim at


Students living in East*, Pollock, and South will have access to a mailbox. The mailbox number and combination is viewable in eLiving under the "My Room" section. Mailboxes are located at the Commons Desk. If a student is unable to open a mailbox, the student may submit an Fixit maintenance request; Commons Desk staff are not permitted to remove mail from the mailbox and hand to a student. 

Students living in North and West will have all U.S. Mail processed as a package and the student will be notified via email that a letter is available to pick-up. *Some buildings in East may not have a physical mailbox, and will have U.S. Mail processed as a package.

Room Changes

If a student has a room assignment change, the mailing address and mailbox will change. U.S. Mail and packages will be forwarded to the new assignment until the student can update information with family and friends.

Forwarding Address

The student is responsible for updating his or her permanent address in LionPATH to ensure that all mail and packages received after the student has checked out of University housing can be forwarded. Mail and packages that cannot be forwarded will be returned to sender. Forwarding of packages is at the discrepancy of the shipper and shipping agent. The University can return the package to be forwarded, but ultimately the shipper and shipping agent will determine whether the package is returned to sender or forwarded to the addressee.