North Housing Area

North Housing Area is located on the northern edge of campus, along Park Avenue, and is the smallest housing complex on campus with about 1,270 students living in the area. Approximately 750 spaces are reserved for first-year students. Suite-style buildings were renovated in the early 2000s, transforming traditional residence halls to 2 bedroom suites. Robinson Hall opened fall 2017, and is an upgraded version of traditional residence halls. 

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Suite-Style Halls

Room Types available in suite-style buildings:

  • 1 bedroom/1 person suite
  • 2 bedroom/2 person suite
  • 2 bedroom/4 person suite
  • supplemental, suite

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New/Renovated Residence Halls

Room Types available in new/renovated residence hall:

  • double, renovated
  • triple, renovated
  • supplemental, renovated

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General North Housing Area Information

  • Warnock Commons is conveniently located in North Housing Area, which offers students these amenities:
  • Within a short walking distance are The Palmer Museum of Art and The Playhouse Theatre are adjacent to the area, and University Libraries, and Eisenhower Chapel

Special Living Options offered in North Housing Area

  • Arts and Architecture (A&A)
  • Business and Society House (BASH)
  • Earth House
  • LionLaunch Pad