ROAR House

University housing is proud to offer students the opportunity to reside in the ROAR House: Residence Of Addiction Recovery. Students participating in the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC), a program sponsored by Student Affairs, are eligible to reside in this living option. ROAR House members are students who are free from alcohol and other drugs and are in recovery from addictions. The "ROAR" is meant to suggest the collective power of students in the Penn State CRC, who affiliated student organization is called Lions for Recovery, will help students work together to be successful in recovery. The ROAR House is just one of many ways that Penn State is supporting students recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. For a student in recovery, the CRC provides a variety of on-campus recovery meetings, recovery events, and offers assistance for students to make connections for other recovery services.

The ROAR House is located in White Course Apartments, which offers four individual bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and kitchen. A washer and dryer is provided in the apartment, and parking permits are available for convenient parking lot located adjacent to the building. Although not required, residents are eligible to purchase the Campus Meal Plan to enjoy the convenience of Penn State Food Services.

While residing in the ROAR House, residents will sign an additional contract with the CRC that indicates his/her agreement to not possess, use, or become intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs at any time. Residents will be asked to not invite visitors who may be in possession of or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

To discuss your interest in ROAR House, please contact one of the following staff members:

  • Jason Whitney, Program Coordinator, Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community: 814-863-0140
  • Jennifer Garvin, Director, Ancillary Services, Housing and Food Services: 814-865-7543
  • Mark Rameker, Senior Director, Residence Life: 814-863-1710