The University provides on-campus housing in South Halls for sorority chapters at Penn State. Housing works in collaboration with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. The sororities contribute greatly to the campus and town communities through many philanthropic activities.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Eligibility to receive a Sorority Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract for a sorority chapter's housing space is determined by the sorority chapter's sorority assistant and/or president. A list of all eligible members to reside on the chapter's floor and the overflow housing list must be submitted to the Assignment Office by the deadline date. Sorority Chapters must adhere to the Sorority Timeline for the contract process, which has specific dates that are relative to the sorority process.

Sorority Housing Timeline

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 process

The timeline for the fall 2018-spring 2019 process has not yet been determined. 

Room Changes

As vacancies occur on the sorority floor, a sorority member assigned to overflow housing will automatically be reassigned to the sorority floor based on the order submitted.

If vacancies exist on the sorority floor and there are no overflow members to move, the Housing Chair will be notified that assignments may need to be consolidated.

Sorority members may use the Room Exchange eBoard in eLiving to process room changes during the advertised times that the eBoard is available. Sorority members may only switch rooms with other sorority members with the same type of Housing Contract. Sorority members assigned to medical rooms can only switch rooms with other sorority members assigned to medical rooms.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions related to the Sorority Chapters for additional details about the Housing Process.

Terms and Conditions