Sproul Hall

Sproul Hall is a traditional residence hall, located in the "The Towers" quad in the northwestern corner of East Housing Area. For the 2018-2019 academic year, three buildings - Brumbaugh, Pinchot, and Tener - will be offline for renovation work. The Towers connect to Fisher Hall, a small facility that offers convenient study space for students. The Towers buildings are coed on the floor - male and female students are assigned to sections of the floor, with a designated bathroom on the floor for male and female residents. Room types are "double, traditional". Supplemental housing is also located on the odd floors of each building. Each supplemental housing room can accommodate 6-8 students. Buildings feature common floor bathrooms.

Sproul Hall, built in 1964, was named after William C. Sproul, the 27th Governor of Pennsylvania (1919-1923).

Building and Room Information:

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Building Floor Plans

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Sproul Hall

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor


Sixth Floor

Seventh Floor

Eighth Floor

Ninth Floor

Tenth Floor


Dimensions of Residence Hall Furnishings

Recommended rug size: 6' x 9'

Measurements are approximate. The dimensions, furnishings and color of rooms may vary in appearance. Some furnishings are attached to floor or wall. All closets have doors.

Item Length Width Height
Room 15' 5" 12' 4" 7' 4"
Bed 76" 33" 1'
Bolster* 6' 5" 9" 11"
Desk 1' 8" 4' 6" 2' 6'
Bulletin Board   48" 44"
Refrigerator/Mircrowave 1' 6" 1' 7" 44"
Closet 1' 11" 3' 10" 7' 4"
Door - 2' 6" 7' 1"
Window - 7' 10" 3'
Chairs 1' 7" 1' 6" 2' 6"

*bolster may not be installed in some rooms


Room Diagrams and Photos