Student Residence Hall

Undergraduate Housing


Make yourself at home! Your on-campus residence has all the basics you need to get comfortable and organized. Then comes the fun part: making it your own.


Arrival information for Penn State students living on campus.

Bed Bugs

Learn how to detect bed bugs and what to do if you suspect you have them. Housing will help you get rid of these pesky bugs.

Bed Loft Information

Interested in lofting your bed? Learn more about building your own loft or renting one.

Benefits of Campus Living

First-year students attending University Park are required to live on campus – it’s an important part of the Penn State experience!

Commons Desk

Need a vacuum? Lost your room key? Learn more about the services offered by the Commons Desk operation to help enhance your living on campus experience.

Directions to Campus

Get directions to University Park – via trains, planes, or automobiles!

Getting Around

Learn how to navigate around town, whether you’re walking, riding your bike, or taking the bus.

Graduate & Family Housing

Find out about housing options available for graduate students or students with families.

Housing Services

Where do I keep my bike? Do we get internet access in our room? Where do I get my mail and do laundry? Find answers to your questions here.

Important Dates

Look here for important dates on the Housing calendar.

Important Forms

Penn State University Park Housing - Important Forms

International Students

Penn State welcomes international students to our on-campus community!

Mailbox Information

Learn the drill for getting your mail – including those all-important care packages from home!


Do you have an emergency or should you submit a request to

Moving Out

When the time comes to move out, you’ll need to know how the process works. Find out here.

Residence Areas

University Park features several residence halls throughout campus, and each has its own unique features. Learn more about the different residence areas on campus and what housing options you can request. Which one is the best fit for you?

Residence Life

Residence Life staff is here to make sure our residence halls are a safe, comfortable, secure, and nurturing environment. Learn more about what we do.

Safety & Security

Penn State strives to offer a safe and secure environment for all residential students.

Special Living Options

With over 20 Special Living Options available, there is bound to be one that’s perfect for you!


Lots of stuff? Learn more about storage options available for students.

Supplemental Housing

Learn what supplemental housing is, and watch videos featuring students who call their “supp” housing space home!

TV Service

Learn all about the TV service in your residence hall or apartment.