White Course Undergraduate Apartments

White Course Apartments includes four-bedroom furnished apartments for four students. The apartments are furnished with the amenities listed below. All units are air conditioned. Mini-blinds are provided for all windows. Carpet is in the living room and bedrooms, and linoleum is in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Living Room Couch Easy chairs (2) End tables (2) Coffee table Lamps (1 floor, 2 table)
Living Room Dining table, 4 chairs Cable TV connection Smoke Detector    
Kitchen Refrigerator Stove Microwave Courtesy Telephone Washer and dryer
Bedroom Twin bed with mattress bookshelf Bulletin Board Closet Desk with chair
Bedroom Filing cabinet Ethernet connection Individual door lock Smoke Detector  

Dimensions of Apartment and Room Furnishings

Measurements are approximate. The dimensions, furnishings and color of rooms may vary in appearance. All beds are height adjustable. 

Item Length Width Height
Bedrooms  8' 4" 12' 8'
Bed 80" 37" 3'
Mattress 80" 36" 8"
2 Drawer Chest 1' 8" 2' 8" 1' 11"
Desk 2' 6" 3' 8" 2' 6"
Chair 1' 7" 1' 7" 2' 6"
Wardrobe 2' 3' 6' 6"
Living Room 11' 12' 8'
Kitchen 17' 4" 12' 8'


Cable and Internet Access

Included in your room charge is a multi-station cable TV service that provides a large selection of popular channels. Each unit is cable ready, but you must supply your own television and cable. Internet connections are also provided in your unit. For assistance connecting to the Internet, please visit the ResCom (Residential Computing) Web site.  

Electricity, Heat, and Air Conditioning

Electricity, heat, and air conditioning are provided. A thermostat control unit for both air conditioning and heat is located in the living room area. Refer to rules and regulations for items prohibited.  

Telephone Connection

A courtesy telephone is installed in the kitchen. Local, on-campus, or emergency phone calls to 911 can be made on this phone. A calling card is required for long-distance phone calls.

Trash and Recycling

Trash and recycling containers are located outside each residence area. Please follow guidelines for keeping the community healthy and safe.  


Water usage fees are included in your room charge. It is important to conserve water. The water in White Course Apartments is the same water available to the rest of Penn State and is tested regularly for safety.  


Electronic Card Access System

The apartment buildings feature an electronic card access system that is in service seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The Weston Community Center is open from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, excluding holidays. Residents may not share their Penn State id+ Card with guests.

Laundry Facilities

Each aparment is equipped with a washer and dryer unit.  

Mail and Delivery Service

Mailboxes with combination locks are located in the Weston Community Center, next to the Information Desk. To receive mail, please follow the addressing directions as specified in the rules and regulations.  

Packages delivered by U.S. mail, UPS, FedEx, and other carriers will be delivered to the Community Center. When a resident receives a package, an email message will be sent to the resident. All packages can be picked up at the Information Desk.

Apartment Diagram and Photos